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Software for secure corporate communication and data exchange
Mobile app for safe communication for the whole family

Technologies We Use

We create cross-platform solutions with common functions, a user-friendly interface and no registration is needed

Application development

We use special methods of encrypting information. A content becomes inaccessible to unauthorized parties, whether it is a commercial secret of companies or personal data of users.


Client-server architecture with no central storage of user data
No registration of a phone number and other personal data is needed. The list of users is inaccessible, there is no possibility of any centralized registration. The participant is anonymous and is identified only by a random code set of characters. They are not tied to personal data and other identifiers of the device on which the app is installed.
Data encryption algorithms
Native apps for devices are suitable for iOS and Android operating systems. Locally stored user data is additionally encrypted. In addition to the standard application we offer the data protection mechanisms. The encryption algorithm is 256-bit AES in CBC mode.
Data transfer protection
The protection of all data is unified via And-2-Nd encryption based on a cryptographically strong protocol. The information is encrypted by advanced Diffie-Hellman Triple Key Exchange Protocol (3-DH), encryption algorithm is 256-bit AES in CBC mode, Double Ratchet Algorithm, Prekeys, Curve 25519, and HMAC-SHA256. Additionally, a two-way SSL pinning mechanism is implemented. A node connection is protected from interception and information substitution to ensure the confidentiality of sensitive data transmission over the network.

What Our Clients Get

Small and medium-sized businesses

Sensitive commercial communications need additional protection against external and internal cyber threats. Our solutions provide uncompromising security for your corporate work whether your team is in the office, on a business trip or works from home. The collaboration platform is applicable in various business areas, such as finance and consulting. And it is also in great demand among lawyers, recruiters, heads of firms and top managers of companies.
Controlled and secure access to files and correspondence
Full remote data protection, confirmed by external cybersecurity experts
Simple and easy self-deployment


Enterprises need to ensure confidentiality of transferring sensitive data and protect it against the growing number of cyber threats. Due to our software solution, companies can not only build business communications with maximum security, but also provide full control over their network.



Controlled and secure access to files and correspondence
The ability to adjust the data retention period at your discretion
No need to spend money on integration and software compatibility testing Self-deployment is simple and easy

Private individuals

This solution allows you to protect your personal data and the data of your family, friends, and colleagues against from unauthorized parties. Instead of using various tools, there is only one platform. Follow routes, communicate, set tasks and make appointments in the same user-friendly and protected space.

There is no advertising. Your contacts, interests, and requests are not used for marketing purposes. You stay only in touch with your family and loved ones - in a comfortable and protected space.

The solution works on iOS and Android operating systems, there are no compatibility issues. Install it on any device and add an unlimited number of users! Available in 7 languages.
One-touch call for help. The SOS button is located on the phone lock screen
Controlled and secure access to files and important information
Radio and video baby monitor allow you to hear and see your child at any moment
Accurate real-time location tracking and the ability to record all routes


Why People and Companies Trust Softscore

years of work
clients worldwide
60 000+
technical support

Our Guarantees

No data history export
Open source code
Independent safety and security audit of our solutions


Limited storage of communication history locally on users' devices
No in app registration required
End-to-end encryption at all levels of communication


Task setting and execution control
Secure exchange of files and documents among partners, employees and customers
Video calls and audio conferences


SoftScore has been operating in the communications security software market since 2019. IT-solutions are based on a cryptographically strong encryption protocol, which is an international security standard. To date, the company's products have been used by more than 60,000 customers worldwide. Our solutions are useful both for private individuals and enterprises. We protect digital assets and personal communication of small and medium-sized businesses, as well as of corporations.

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